Курс Upper Intermediate

Unit 8 Mystery

Lesson Objectives
8.1 Myths and legends
Speculate about past events
Summarise a cultural story
8.2 Who did it?
Write and perform a short scene
Speculate about the causes and consequences of a crime
8.3 Café Hub Fact or Fiction?
Discuss how to test and idea

8.1 Past modals of deduction
8.2 Order of adjectives

8.1 Word families
8.2 Easily confused verbs crime
8.3 Understatement

8.1 Thought groups
8.2 Adding information

Reading – Listening
8.1 Read an online article about unexplained mysteries
Key Skill Decoding: similes and metaphors
Listen to a podcast about myths and legends
8.2 Read a scene from a detective sory
Listen to a lecture
Key Skill Following an argument
8.3 Watch a video about an urban myth
Watch people discussing how to escape from a locked room

Speaking – Writing
8.1 Make deductions about an unexplained mystery
Speaking Hub
8.2 Write and perform a scene from a detective story
Speaking Hub
Solve a murder mystery
8.3 Key Skill Maintaining a conversation
Speaking Hub
Unit Review