Курс Upper Intermediate

Unit 1 Connections

Lesson Objectives
1.1 Personally
Talk about reaction and feelings
Design and present a meet-up group
1.2 Who we are!
Compare, contrast, and summarise short biographies
1.3 Café Hib Keeping it in the family
Give your opinion on the role of inherited ability in success

1.1 Question forms
1.2 Tense review

1.1 Feelings
1.2 Personality adjectives
Noun suffixes
1.3 Idioms: family

1.1 Intonation in yes/no and Wh- questions
1.2 Connected speech: final consonant and initial vowel

Reading – Listening
1.1 Read an online article about everyday heroes
Key skill Skimming for the main ideas
1.2 Read Biographies of famous people who overcome challenges
Listen to radio about personality types
1.3 Watch a video about an Olympic medal winner
Watch people talking about family traits

Speaking – Writing
1.1 Discuss how you would react in three different scenarios
Speaking Hub
1.2 Discuss someone influential from your past
Speaking Hub
1.3 Debate the influence of practice on ability
Speaking Hub
Unit Review