Курс Upper Intermediate

Unit 3 Survival

Lesson Objectives
3.1 Staying alive
Creative collaborative story
Tell a personal anecdote
3.2 Fear and danger
Discuss priorities in a survival situation
Talk about fears and offer advice
3.3 Café Hub Don’t look down
Describe a journey

3.1 Narrative tenses
3.2 Alternatives to if in conditionals

3.1 Descriptive verbs
3.2 Phrasal verbs to describe problems
3.3 shortened idioms

3.1 Dramatic storytelling techniques
3.2 Intonation in conditional sentences

Reading – Listening
3.1 Read a newspaper article about someone who survived against the odds
Ley skill Following the sequence of a narrative
Listen to a radio phone-in programme about extreme sports
3.2 Read an interview with a survival expert
Listen to an extract from an audiobook about phobias
Key Skill Listening for definitions, examples and explanations
3.3 Watch a video about climbing a mountain
Watch someone telling an anecdote

Speaking – Writing
3.1 Tell a dramatic survival story
Speaking Hub
3.2 Discuss how to survive a dangerous situation
Speaking Hub
3.3 Key Skill Backtracking
Speaking Hub
Tell an anecdote about a journey

Unit Review