Курс Upper Intermediate

Unit 10 Media

Lesson Objectives
10.1 Reporting the news
Give opinions on recent news stories
Intervene appropriately in a discussion
10.2 Digital Media
Report a conversation
Plan and create a viral marketing advert
10.3 Café Hub Watch on demand
Give your opinion on streaming services

10.1 Reported speech
10.2 Reporting verbs

10.1 Traditional media
10.2 Social Media
Adjective + noun collocations
10.2 from… to

10.1 Avoiding interruption
10.2 Using intonation to attract and keep interest

Reading – Listening
10.1 Read an article about the death of print
Listen to an interview about fake news
Key Skill Listening for repair and elaboration
10.2 Read three fake news stories
Key Skill Substitution
Listen to a talk about viral marketing campaigns
10.3 Watch a video about streaming services
Watch someone talking about getting a new job

Speaking – Writing
10.1 Discuss recent news stories and your opinions of them
Speaking Hub
Discuss fake news, bias and online media
10.2 Interview your partner and report their answer
Speaking Hub
Design a viral marketing campaign
10.3 Key Skill Circumlocution
Speaking Hub
Debate the pros and cons of streaming services

Unit Review