Курс Upper Intermediate

Unit 4 The future

Lesson Objectives
4.1 My future
Talk about future plans and goals
Make predictions about the future of work
4.2 What will life be like?
Evaluate future predictions
Debate a range of transport proposals
4.3 Café Hub The robot revolution
Give your opinion on automation in the workplace

4.1 Future forms
4.2 Future perfect simple, future continuous and future perfect continuous

4.1 noun + preposition collocations
Nouns and verbs in the same spelling
4.2 Intensifiers
4.3 Right

4.1 Nouns and verbs with the same spelling
4.2 Intonation with intensifiers

Reading – Listening
4.1 Listen to a podcast about turning points in people’s lives
Read a magazine article about the future of work
Key Skill Identifying evidence
4.2 Read a magazine article about predictions in films
Listen to a debate about the future of transport
Key Skill Identifying agreement and disagreement
4.3 Watch a video about the automation of jobs
Watch people talking about running a small business

Speaking – Writing
4.1 Interview your partner about their plans and goals
Speaking Hub
Discuss jobs and automation
4.2 Discuss predictions from film and TV
Speaking Hub
4.3 Key Skill Asking for clarification
Speaking Hub
Unit Review