Курсы A-level Mathematics в Ташкенте

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Course Description
Do you know your polar coordinates from your hyperbolic functions? Your vectors from your matrices? If you have a love for all things mathematical and the skills to solve complex problems, then our A-level (Further) Maths is the course for you.
An ‘advanced level’ or A-level is a qualification offered across a range of subjects to school-leavers (usually aged 16-18 years old), graded A*-E. A-level maths is normally studied after doing GCSE maths in UK schools and colleges.
With the unlimited support and guidance of your tutor, in this course you will learn to construct and present mathematical arguments through diagrams, graphs, and symbols, develop your understanding of modelling assumptions, solve quadratic equations with real coefficients, and much more.

Importance of the course / Why do I need A level Maths
The step from GCSE to A level might be a big one, but, it’s a great challenge. You’ll get the change to be more of an independent learner at A level.
Certain Undergraduate degrees give Maths A Level as an entry requirement. Every University has its own entry requirements so it’s important to check the entry requirements at each place you wish to apply to. However, you can expect the courses to require to have it.

The entry requirements are reading and writing skills of English and maths to at least GCSE grade C or equivalent. You will need to have general skills and knowledge base associated with a GCSE course or equivalent standard.

Learning objectives
1. Usage of mathematical skills and techniques in more difficult, unstructured problem
2. Representation of situation mathematically and understand the relationship between?
3. Coherence and progression in mathematics
4. Generalise and construct mathematical proof
5. Logical reasoning
6. Problems and standard and other mathematical models, and how these can be refined and improved.

Students who have completed this A Level have gone on to study a diverse range of courses at respected UK universities, including Oxford and Bath. Also, see courses of SAT to get more information.

Отзывы учеников

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Мистер Шахзод – учитель по подготовке к международным экзаменам по математике, педагог по призванию с настоящим талантом находить общий язык со своими учениками. Самое главное, чему учит преподаватель на занятиях курсов математики – не бояться сложных примеров и задач, а находить верное решение из всех возможных вариантов. Слушатели курсов математики Мистера Шахзода подготовительных курсов отмечают искреннее его участие и желание помочь каждому ученику.

1,100,000 UZS 871,000 UZS

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